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Masters of the Universe Classics: ROTAR vs TWISTOID


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SKU KT000030
EAN 0887961070521

Action Figure:
Maters of the Universe Classics
Energy Zoids

Manufacturer: Mattel
Year: 2015
PVC figure 18 cm. tall

San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive, July 2015

Rotar – Heroic Master Of The Hyper-Spin
Real Name: Ronur
A former palace guard, Ronur was mortally injured during a battle with Skeletor's evil warriors. He was carried off the battlefield by He-Man and brought to Duncan. Using the power of his newly invented Gyro Machine, Man-At-Arms was able to transform the wounded man and enhance his fighting powers by merging him with an android Rotar body. Powered up and ready to burst back into battle, Ronur became on of the heroic Masters of the Universe! He uses his new hyper spin powers to swing into battle fighting to protect all of Eternia with his fists of fury! He often goes head to head with Skeletor's gyro man Twistoid, spinning and twisting to defeat him at any cost.

Twistoid – Evil Energy Cyborg
Real Name: Gyro Robot
Created by Skeletor to combat a heroic spinning cyborg built by Man-At-Arms, Twistoid is a purely robotic energy Robot that loves nothing more than to spin into battle and slam his foes like crazy. He has the ability to store up immense amounts of energy then burst out in a super spinning action plowing over warriors and taking on heroic energy powered robots and cyborgs. He carries a ball and chain, whirling sword and terror gears which he uses in service to Skeletor. Twistoid was destroyed during the Second Ultimate Battleground in a hand-to-hand spinning combat with his arch nemesis Rotar. Eventually, his robotic brain was relocated and stalled in a Roton. This self-aware vehicle became a key member of Skeleteen's evil forces in his fight against He-Ro and the Masters of Eternia.

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