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Masters of the Universe Classics: He-Ro


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SKU KT000089
EAN 0027084707991

Action Figure:
Maters of the Universe Classics
Heroic Cosmic Warrior

Manufacturer: Mattel
Year: 2009
PVC figure 18 cm. tall

Real Name: Ro
Given the sword of He by the Overlords of the Timeless Dimension on Trolla, Ro was told to "go forth and combat evil." During one such epic battle, he was infected by a techno-organic virus by Horde Prime and sent through a vortex to the magical planet of Eternia'. Once there, he was healed by Eldor in a mystical pool which absorbed his virus. In gratitude, He-Ro' swore to help free Eternia' from the Snake Men ' and Horde Invaders. He defended the free people alongside the great King Grayskull', eventually bequeathing his sword to the King upon his heroic death.

Tags   #motu  #classics