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Masters of the Universe Classics: BEAST MAN (Red) by Mattel


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SKU KT000098
EAN 0887961398489

Action Figure:
Maters of the Universe Classics
Power Con 2016 Exclusive Figure 
Savage Blood-Red Henchman

Manufacturer: Mattel
Year: 2016
PVC figure 18 cm. tall

Real Name: Raqquill Rqazz
Even among the ape-like beastmen of the Vine Jungle, Raqquill Rqazz was a savage brute who hunted for sport and killed his own kind. An outcast stripped of his name, he made the Berserker Islands his home for many years. While still relatively young with a pelt as blood-red as his appetite, he fought the wandering alchemist Keldor, but the two became allies when they were forced to fight their way through the honor guard of King Trinok. Out of fear, Beast Man swore allegiance to Keldor and remained both fearful and loyal to him when he became Skeletor. Over time, Beast man’s fur became orange, but his savage bloodlust never diminished. His terrible fangs and ferocious claws make him a powerful adversary for the Masters of the Universe.

Tags   #motu  #classics