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The Loyal Subject: Aliens Xenomorph Skull Top (Exoskeleton Alien Warrior) LIMITED


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The Loyal Subject

SKU KT000208
EAN 0855709008044

Vinyl Action Figures
by The Loyal Subject
Xenomorph Skull Top 
​​​​​​​Exoskeleton Alien Warrior

8 cm tall

If paint details are your thing, then this is your thing. If Xenomorphs are your thing, then this is your thing. If radical articulation and sculpt details are your thing, this is your thing. If one of the best Xenomorph paint variants is your thing, then this is definitely your thing! Otherworldly and ready to burst some chests! Bring this delightful and deadly space creature home so he can infect the rest of your collection! Deadly sculpt details, spring loaded inner jaw, bendy tail, deadly articulation – a must have! This collector blisterpack San Diego Comic Con exclusive features an LE 350 with commemorative SDCC 2018 packaging and an exclusive foot stamp, “SDCC STORE”! Under License from 20th Century Fox

Tags   #alien  #loyal