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The Warrior Beasts: ANACONDA by Zoloworld


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SKU KT000952
EAN 0825201027034

by Zoloworld

Altezza: 15,5 cm.
Figura da 5.5" in scala con i Masters of the Universe (Vintage by Mattel) e (New Vintage by Super 7)
There are few myths in the galaxy that frighten even the bravest warriors. The legend of the Snake Warriors is one of those stories! The creatures are said to have camoflage skin that allows them to blend with their environment. This makes hunting their prey easy as the hunted have no idea they are being stalked until it is too late! The beasts are also said to be able to move at high speeds without making a sound..Now.. This is just a legend as no one has ever seen one in the brush and lived to tell the tale..
Viene fornito con:
* Corpo intercambiabile Zoloworld
* Testa intercambiabile
* Clava chiodata
* Card con artwork (Faccone)
* Edizione Limitata